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Universitat de Barcelona

"Economic growth, market integration and regional inequality in Latin America (1870-2010)"

Universidad Carlos III

"Well-being and inequality in a pre-industrial society: Spain"

Universidad Carlos III

"Globalisation and poverty. The impact of international economics in worldwide peripheries' growth 1800-1940"

Universidad Pública de Navarra

"The development of nuclear energy in Spain from an international perspective: economics, business and finance 1950-1985"

Universidad de Zaragoza

"The integration of international economics and its effects in: food and agriculture sectors, natural resources, society and environment (XIXth and XXth centuries)"

Universidad San Pablo-CEU

"Immigrants in Urban Labor Markets: Latin America, 1870-1914"

Universitat de València - Universidad de Alcalá

"Economic crisis: changes and challenges. An historic perspective"

Universitat de València

"Regional inequality in Europe and America: Long term trends and explanatory factors (1890-2010)"


Subscribe to our quarterly newsletter