Diego Sesma Martín

Economics Department, Universidad Pública de Navarra

PhD in Economics, Universidad Pública de Navarra

Research Interests

  • Natural Resources
  • Enviromental Economics

Selected Publications

  • Sesma-Martín, D. (2020) "Cooling Water: A Source of Conflict in Spain", Sustainability. Link .
  • Sesma-Martin, D. and Rubio-Varas, M.dM (2019) "The weak data on the water–energy nexus in Spain", Water Policy, 2, 382-393. Link .
  • Sesma-Martín, D. (2019) "The River’s Light: Water Needs for Thermoelectric Power Generation in the Ebro River Basin, 1969–2015", Water, 11, 441. Link .
  • Sesma-Martín, D. and Rubio-Varas, M.dM (2017) "Freshwater for Cooling Needs: A Long-Run Approach to the Nuclear Water Footprint in Spain", Ecological Economics, 140, 146-156. Link .