Francisco J. Marco-García

Department of History, Stellenbosch University

PhD in Economics, Universidad de Zaragoza

Research Interests

  • Demographic Analysis
  • Rural Development

Selected Publications

  • Marco-García, F. J. (2019) "Revisiting the effect of time of birth on neonatal, infant, and child mortality in rural Spain, 1830?1929", American Journal of Human Biology. Link .
  • García-Marco, F. J. (2019) "Fertility control due to short-term economic stress in rural Aragón (Spain), 1801–1909", Revista de Historia Economica - Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History. Link .
  • Marco-García, F. J. (2019) "The influence of the lunar cycle on spontaneous deliveries in historical rural environments", European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, 236, 22-25. Link .
  • Marco-García, F. J. (2018) "Why did they not get married? Biological, economic and family determinants of celibacy in rural Spain (1785–2010)", Investigaciones de Historia Económica, 4 (3), 140-153. Link .
  • Marco-García, F. J. (2018) "How was the fertility transition carried out? Analysis of fertility control strategies and their evolution in rural Aragon, Spain (1880-1955)", Historia Agraria: Revista de agricultura e historia rural, 76, 189-220.