Alfonso Herranz-Loncán

Department of Economic History, University of Barcelona
PI of the group

PhD in Economic History, London School of Economics
(+34) 934021932
personal website

Research Interests

  • History of public policies
  • Infrastructure and growth
  • Economic Geography

Selected Publications

  • Herranz-Loncán A, Peres-Cajías J.A (2016) "Tracing the reversal of fortune in the Americas. Bolivian GDP per capita since the mid nineteenth century", Cliometrica, 10(1), 99-128. Summary. Link .
  • Bignon V, Esteves R, Herranz-Loncán A (2015) "Big Push or Big Grab? Railways, Government Activism and Export Growth in Latin America, 1865-1913", Economic History Review , 68(4), 1277–1305. Link .
  • Herranz-Loncán A (2014) "Transport Technology and Economic Expansion: The Growth Contribution of Railways In Latin America Before 1914", Revista de Historia Económica / Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History, 32(1), 13-45. Link .
  • Curto-Grau M, Herranz-Loncán A, Solé-Ollé A (2012) "Pork-Barrel Politics in Semi-Democracies: The Spanish “Parliamentary Roads,” 1880–1914", Journal of Economic History, 72(3), 771-796. Link .
  • Herranz-Loncán A (2011) "The Role of Railways in Export-Led Growth: The Case of Uruguay, 1870-1913", Economic History of Developing Regions, 26(2), 1-32. Link .