Pablo Astorga Junquera

Instituto Barcelona de Estudios Internacionales, IBEI

PhD in Economics, University of Oxford
(+34) 689258247

Research Interests

  • Inequality from a historical perspective
  • Living standards in Latin America
  • Economic growth

Selected Publications

  • Astorga, P. (2017) "Real wages and skill premiums in Latin America, 1900-2011", Revista de Historia Economica - Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History, 3, 319-353. Link .
  • Astorga P (2017) "Functional inequality in Latin America: news from the twentieth century". In Bértola L, Williamson J.G (eds.). Has Latin American Inequality Changed Direction? Looking over the Long Run, Springer Open. Summary. Link .
  • Arroyo Abad L, Astorga Junquera P (2017) "Latin American earnings inequality in the long run", Cliometrica. Summary. Link .
  • Astorga Junquera P (2017) "Real Wages and Skill Premiums during Economic Development in Latin America", Oxford Economic and Social History Working Papers . Summary. Link .
  • Astorga P (2016) "The Haves and the Have-Nots in Latin America in the 20th Century", Revista de Economía Mundial, 43, 47-68. Summary. Link .
  • Astorga P (2012) "Mean reversion in long-horizon real exchange rates: Evidence from Latin America", Journal of International Money and Finance, 31(6), 1529-1550. Link .