Marc  Badia Miró

Department of Economic History, University of Barcelona

PhD in Economic History, University of Barcelona
(+34) 93 403 58 29
personal website

Research Interests

  • Trade
  • Economic geography
  • Agrarian specialization

Selected Publications

  • Badía-Miró, M., Carreras-Marín, A. and Ducoing, C. (2019) "Behind copper prices: a historical perspective 1850-1950", Working paper. Link .
  • Tello, E. and Badía-Miró, M. (2018) "Land-use and rural inequality profiles in the province of Barcelona in mid-nineteenth century", Historia Agraria, 76, 157-188. Link .
  • Badía-Miró, M., Carreras-Marín, A. and Meissner, C. M. (2018) "Geography, policy, or productivity? Regional trade in five South American countries, 1910–50", The Economic History Review, 71, 236-266. Link .
  • Ducoing, C., Peres-Cajías, J., Badia-Miró, M., Bergquist, A-K., Contreras, C., Ranestad, R., andTorregrosa, S. (2018) "Natural Resources Curse in the Long Run? Bolivia, Chile and Peru in the Nordic Countries’ Mirror", Sustainability, 10, 965. Link .
  • Badia-Miró, M., Nicolini, E. A., and Willebald, H. (2018) "Growth and Regional Disparities in South America, 1890–1960", Journal of Interdisciplinary History, 49, 117-139. Link .
  • Badia-Miró, M. and Guilera, J. (2018) "The evolution of regional income inequality in Portugal, 1890–2010 1". Rosés J. R. and Wolf, N. . The Economic Development of Europe's Regions. A Quantitative History since 1900, Routledge. Link .