Marc  Badia Miró

Department of Economic History, University of Barcelona

PhD in Economic History, University of Barcelona
(+34) 93 403 58 29
personal website

Research Interests

  • Trade
  • Economic geography
  • Agrarian specialization

Selected Publications

  • Tello E, Martínez J.L, Jover-Avellà G, Olarieta J.R, García-Ruiz R, González de Molina M, Badia-Miró M, Winiwarter V, Koepke N (2017) "The Onset of the English Agricultural Revolution: Climate Factors and Soil Nutrients", The Journal of Interdisciplinary History, 47 (4), 445-475. Summary. Link .
  • Badia-Miró M, Pinilla V, Willebald H (eds.) (2015) "Natural resources and economic growth: learning from history", Routledge explorations in economic history. Link .
  • Badia-Miró M (2015) "The evolution of the location of economic activity in Chile in the long run: a paradox of extreme concentration in absence of agglomeration economies", Estudios de Economía, 42(2), 143-167. Link .
  • Badia-Miró M, Tello E (2014) "Vine-Growing in Catalonia: The Main Agricultural Change Underlying the Earliest Industrialization in Mediterranean Europe (1720–1939)", European Review of Economic History , 18(2), 203-226. Link .
  • Badia-Miró M, Carreras-Marín A, Meissner C.M (2014) "Geography, Policy, or Productivity? Regional Trade in five South American Countries, 1910-1950", National Bureau of Economic Research. Link .