Cristián A.  Ducoing Ruiz

Department of Economic History, Lund University

PhD in Economic History, University of Barcelona
(+46) 90 7867163

Research Interests

  • Historical National accounts
  • Genuine Savings and Natural Resources
  • Industrialization and development in Latin America

Selected Publications

  • Ducoing C, Peres-Cajías J, Badia-Miró M, Bergquist A K, Contreras C, Ranestad K, Torregrosa S (2018) "Natural resources curse in the long run? Bolivia, Chile and Peru in the Nordic Countries’ mirror", Sustainability, 10 (4), 965. Link .
  • Blum, Matthias; Ducoing, Cristián; McLaughlin, Eoin (2017) "A Sustainable Century?". Hamilton, Kirk; Hepburn, Cameron . National Wealth: What is Missing, Why it Matters, Oxford University Press. Link .
  • Ducoing C (2016) "Un siglo de expansión y divergencia. Inversión en maquinaria en una economía periférica Chile 1830 - 1938", Perfiles Económicos, 1, 43-81. Link .
  • Blum M, Ducoing C, McLaughlin E (2016) "A Sustainable Century? Genuine Savings in developing and developed countries, 1900-2000", Working paper, University of Saint Andrews. Summary. Link .
  • Tafunell X, Ducoing C (2016) "Non-Residential Capital Stock in Latin America, 1875-2008: New Estimates and International Comparisons", Australian Economic History Review, 56(1), 46-69. Summary. Link .
  • Badia-Miró M, Ducoing C (2015) "The long run development of Chile and the Natural Resources curse. Linkages, policy and growth, 1850-1950". Badia-Miró M, Pinilla V, Willebald H (eds.). Natural Resources and Economic Growth: Learning from history, Routledge. Link .