José Alejandro Peres-Cajías

Escuela de la Producción y la Competitividad, Catholic University of Bolivia

PhD in Economic History, University of Barcelona
(+591) 68037086
personal website

Research Interests

  • Public finances
  • Economic geography
  • Latin American economic history

Selected Publications

  • Peres-Cajías J.A (2016) "Bolivian Tariff Policy during the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries: High Average Tariff and Unbalanced Regional Protection", Journal of Latin American Studies. Summary. Link .
  • Herranz-Loncán A, Peres-Cajías J.A (2016) "Tracing the reversal of fortune in the Americas. Bolivian GDP per capita since the mid nineteenth century", Cliometrica, 10 (1), 99-128. Summary. Link .
  • Peres-Cajías J.A (2015) "Public Finances and Natural Resources in Bolivia, 1883-2010: is there a fiscal curse?". Badia-Miró M, Pinilla V, Willebald H (eds.) . Natural resources and economic growth: learning from history, Routledge. Link .
  • Peres-Cajías J.A (2014) "Bolivian Public Finances, 1882-2010. The Challenge to make social spending Sustainable", Revista de Historia Económica / Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History, 32(1), 77-117. Link .
  • Carreras-Marín A, Badia-Miró M, Peres-Cajías J.A (2013) "Intraregional trade in South America, 1912-50: The cases of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Peru", Economic History of Developing Regions, 28(2), 1-26. Link .