Oriol Sabaté Domingo

University of Leicester, School of History, Politics and International Relations

PhD in Economic History, University of Barcelona

Research Interests

  • Conflict and Peace Research
  • Public policies
  • Fiscal capacity

Selected Publications

  • Sabaté O (2016) "Does military pressure boost fiscal capacity? Evidence from late-modern military revolutions in Europe and North America", European Review of Economic History. Summary. Link .
  • Sabaté O (2016) "Do democracies spend less on the military? Spain as a long-term case study (1876-2009)", Revista de Historia Económica – Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History, 34(3), 385-415. Link .
  • Sabaté O (2016) "New Quantitative Estimates of Long-Term Military Spending in Spain (1850–2009)". Hanes C , Wolcott S (Eds.). Research in Economic History, Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Link .