Sara Torregrosa Hetland

Department of Economic History, Lund University

PhD in Economic History, University of Barcelona
(+46) 462 227 480
personal website

Research Interests

  • History of taxation
  • Income inequality
  • Public policies

Selected Publications

  • Torregrosa Hetland S (2017) "The political economy of peripheral tax reform: the Spanish fiscal transition", Lund Papers in Economic History. Summary. Link .
  • Torregrosa Hetland S, Pelkonen A, Oksanen J, Kander A (2017) "Impact of innovation policy on firm innovation – A comparison of Finland and Sweden, 1970-2013", Lund Papers in Economic History. Link .
  • Torregrosa-Hetland S (2016) "Sticky income inequality in the Spanish transition, 1973-1990", Revista de Historia Económica / Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History, 34(1), 39-80. Summary. Link .
  • Torregrosa Hetland S (2015) "Did Democracy bring Redistribution? Insights from the Spanish tax system (1960-1990)", European Review of Economic History , 19(3), 294-315 . Link .
  • Torregrosa Hetland S (2015) "Progresividad y redistribución en el sistema fiscal español (1960-1990)". Garrués-Irurzun J, Rubio Mondéjar J.A (eds.). Haciendo Historia Económica: nuevas investigaciones, nuevos investigadores, Universidad de Granada. Link .
  • Torregrosa Hetland S (2015) "Bypassing progressive taxation: fraud and base erosion in the Spanish income tax (1970-2001)", IEB Working Paper . Link .