Antonio Tena Junguito

Department of Social Science University Carlos III de Madrid
PI of the group

PhD in Economics University Alcalá de Henares
(+34) 91 624 96 20
personal website

Research Interests

  • Economic History of Trade
  • Economic History of Latin America and Southern Europe
  • Political Economy of International Trade

Selected Publications

  • Absell C, Tena-Junguito A (2016) "Brazilian Export Growth and Divergence in the Tropics during the Nineteenth Century", Journal of Latin American Studies . Summary. Link .
  • Bonino-Gayoso N, Tena-Junguito A, Willebald H (2015) "Uruguay and the First Globalization. On the accuracy of export performance, 1870-1913", Revista de Historia Economica - Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History, 33(2), 287-320. Link .
  • Federico G, Tena-Junguito A (2014) "The Ripples of the Industrial revolution: exports, economic growth and regional integration in Italy in the early 19th century", European Review of Economic History . Link .
  • Tena-Junguito A, Willebald H (2013) "On the accuracy of Argentinian Export Growth, 1870–1913", Economic History of Developing Regions, 28(1), 28-68. Link .
  • Tena-Junguito A, Lampe M, Tâmega Fernandes F (2012) "How much trade Liberalization was there in the World before and after Cobden-Chevalier", Journal of Economic History , 72(3), 708-740. Link .