Christopher Absell

Departamento de Ciencias Sociales, Universidad Carlos III

PhD student at the Universidad Carlos III
personal website

Research Interests

  • Brazilian export growth during the nineteenth century
  • International relations theory
  • Latin-American economic integration

Selected Publications

  • Absell C (2016) "Self-awareness and Critique: Researching the ALBA-TCP - FORTHCOMING". Cusack A (ed.). ALBA Turns Ten: the Progress, Problems, and Prospects of Alternative Regionalism in Latin America and the Caribbean, ILAS.
  • Absell C, Tena-Junguito A (2016) "Brazilian Export Growth and Divergence in the Tropics during the Nineteenth Century", Journal of Latin American Studies. Summary. Link .
  • Absell C (2015) "The Lexicon of Development: A Quantitative History of the Language of Development Studies", Iberoamerican Journal of Development Studies, 4(1), 4-34. Link .
  • Absell C (2012) "El ALBA-TCP mirado con buenos ojos", Revista Latinoamericana de Economía, 43(169), 73-95. Link .
  • Absell C (2010) "Structure, Agency and International Cooperation in International Relations Theory". Romero Morett M.G, Jimenez Portugal L.A (eds.). Martín G. Romero Morett y Luz Alicia Jimenez Portugal, Astra Ediciones.