Vicente Pinilla Navarro

Department of Applied Economics and Economic History, University of Zaragoza
PI of the group

Ph. D. in Economics and Business, University of Zaragoza
(+34) 976761786
personal website

Research Interests

  • Agricultural Economic History: Production, Productivity and Trade
  • Environmental History
  • Historical Demography

Selected Publications

  • Ayuda, M. I., Ferrer-Pérez, H. and Pinilla, V. (2019) "A leader in an emerging new international market: the determinants of French wine exports, 1848–1938", The Economic History Review. Link .
  • Aparicio, G. and Pinilla, V. (2019) "International trade in wheat and other cereals and the collapse of the first wave of globalization, 1900–38", Journal of Global History, 14 (1), 44-67. Link .
  • Duarte, R., Pinilla, V. and Serrano, A. (2019) "Long term drivers of global virtual water trade: A trade gravity approach for 1965–2010", Ecological economics, 156, 318-326. Link .
  • Martín-Retortillo, M., Pinilla, V., Velazco, J. and Willebald, H. (2019) "The Dynamics of Latin American Agricultural Production Growth, 1950–2008", Journal of Latin American Studies, 51 (3), 573-605. Link .
  • Pinilla, V. and Rayes, A. (2018) "How Argentina became a super-exporter of agricultural and food products during the First Globalisation (1880–1929)", Cliometrica, 13, 443-469. Link .
  • Duarte, R., Pinilla, V. and Serrano, A. (2018) "Factors driving embodied carbon in international trade: a multiregional input–output gravity model", Economic Systems Research, 30 (4), 545-566. Link .