Vicente Pinilla Navarro

Department of Applied Economics and Economic History, University of Zaragoza
PI of the group

Ph. D. in Economics and Business, University of Zaragoza
(+34) 976761786
personal website

Research Interests

  • Agricultural Economic History: Production, Productivity and Trade
  • Environmental History
  • Historical Demography

Selected Publications

  • Duarte R, Pinilla V, Serrano A (2016) "Understanding Agricultural Virtual Water Flows in the World from an Economic Perspective: a Long Term Study", Ecological Indicators, 61(2), 980-990. Summary. Link .
  • Duarte R, Pinilla V, A Serrano (2016) "Globalisation and Natural Recources: The Expansion of the Spanish Agrifood Trade and its Impact on Water Consumption, 1965-2010", Regional Environmental Change, 16(1), 259-272. Link .
  • Sáez L.A, Ayuda M.I, Pinilla V (2016) "Pasividad autonómica y activismo local frente a la despoblación en España: el caso de Aragón analizado desde la Economía Política", Revista de Estudios sobre Despoblación y Desarrollo Rural. Link .
  • Serrano R, Pinilla V (2016) "The Declining Role of Latin America in Global Agricultural Trade, 1963-2000", Journal of Latin American Studies, 48(1), 115-146. Link .
  • Silvestre J, Ayuda M.I, Pinilla V (2015) "The Occupational Attainment of Migrants and Natives in Barcelona, 1930", The Economic History Review, 68(3), 985-1015. Link .
  • Martín-Retortillo M, Pinilla V (2015) "On the causes of economic growth in Europe: Why did agricultural labour productivity not converge between 1950 and 2005?", Cliometrica, 9(3), 359-396. Link .