Fernando  Collantes

Departamento de Estructura e Historia Económica y Economía Pública, Universidad de Zaragoza; e Instituto Agroalimentario de Aragón

PhD in Economics, University of Cantabria
(+34) 97 676 17 88
personal website

Research Interests

  • Food chains and food consumption in Spain 1950-present
  • Rural development and population dynamics in Spain and Europe 1850-present

Selected Publications

  • Collantes, F. (2019) "Why did the industrial diet triumph? The massification of dairy consumption in Spain, 1965–90", The Economic History Review, 72 (3), 953-978. Link .
  • Collantes, F. (2019) "From organized to disorganized capitalism? Market versus nonmarket coordination in Spain's dairy chain", Journal of Agrarian Change, 19 (2), 295-318. Link .
  • Collantes, F. (2018) "The conquest of health: mortality and modernization in contemporary Spain", Investigaciones de Historia Económica, 14 (2), 131-132.
  • Collantes F (2016) "Food chains and the retailing revolution: supermarkets, dairy processors and consumers in Spain (1960 to the present)", Business History. Summary. Link .
  • Collantes F (2015) "Dairy products and Western models of food consumption since 1950: a Spanish perspective", Rural History, 26(2) , 249-268. Link .
  • Collantes F, Pinilla V (2011) "Peaceful surrender: the depopulation of rural Spain during the twentieth century", Cambridge Scholars Publishing . Link .