Miguel  Martín-Retortillo

Departamento de Economía, Universidad de Alcalá

PhD in Economics, University of Zaragoza

Research Interests

  • Agricultural History
  • Economic History
  • Economic Development

Selected Publications

  • Martín-Retortillo, M; Pinilla, V.; Velazco, J.; Willebald, H. (2018) "The Dynamics of Latin American Agricultural Production Growth since 1950", Journal of Latin American Studies.
  • Clar E, Martín-Retortillo M, Pinilla V (2018) "The Spanish path of agrarian change, 1950-2005: from authoritarian to export-oriented productivism", Journal of Agrarian Change, 18 (2), 324-347. Summary. Link .
  • Martín-Retortillo, M; Pinilla, V.; Velazco, J.; Willebald, H. (2017) "The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs? Agricultural Development in Latin America in the 20 th century". Pinilla, V.; Wilebald, H. . Agricultural development in the world periphery: A global economic history approach, Palgrave.
  • Clar E, Martín-Retortillo M, Pinilla V (2016) "Agricultura y desarrollo económico en España, 1800-2000". Gallego D, Germán L, Pinilla V (eds.) . Estudios sobre el desarrollo económico español, Prensas de la Universidad de Zaragoza. Link .
  • Martín-Retortillo M, Pinilla V (2015) "On the causes of economic growth in Europe: Why did agricultural labour productivity not converge between 1950 and 2005?", Cliometrica, 9, 359-396. Link .
  • Cazcarro I, Duarte R, Martín-Retortillo M, Pinilla V, Serrano A (2015) "How Sustainable is the Increase in the Water Footprint of the Spanish Agricultural Sector? A Provincial Analysis of the Years 1955 and 2005", Sustainability, 7(5), 5094-5119 . Link .