John Edward Murray

Economics Department, Rhodes College, Memphis, EEUU

PhD in Economics, Ohio State University, EEUU
(+1) 9018433577
personal website

Research Interests

  • New technologies in historical energy extraction
  • State and market provided health insurance
  • Philippine labor markets during the American period

Selected Publications

  • Murray J.E, Silvestre J (2015) "Small-scale technologies and European coal mine safety, 1850-1900", John E. Murray and Javier Silvestre, 68(3), 887-910. Link .
  • Murray J.E, Nilsson L (2007) "Accident risk compensation in late imperial Austria: Wage differentials and social insurance", Explorations in Economic History , 44(4), 568–587. Link .
  • Murray J.E (2005) "Worker absenteeism under voluntary and compulsory sickness insurance: Continental Europe, 1885-1908", Research in Economic History , 23, 181-212. Link .
  • Baten J, Murray J.E (2000) "Heights of men and women in 19th century Bavaria: Economic, nutritional, and disease influences", Explorations in Economic History, 37(4), 351-369. Link .
  • Winegarden C.R, Murray J.E (1998) "The contributions of early health-insurance programs to mortality declines in pre-World War I Europe: Evidence from fixed-effects models", Explorations in Economic History , 35(4), 431-446. Link .