Jackeline Velazco Portocarrero

Department of Economics, University of Girona and Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

PhD in Economics, University of Manchester (UK)
personal website

Research Interests

  • Role of agriculture in economic development
  • Rural non farm activities
  • Agricultural household models

Selected Publications

  • Martín-Retortillo, M., Pinilla, V., Velazco, J. and Willebald, H. (2019) "The Dynamics of Latin American Agricultural Production Growth, 1950–2008", Journal of Latin American Studies, 51 (3), 573-605. Link .
  • Velazco, J. and Pinilla, V. (2018) "Development Models, Agricultural Policies and Agricultural Growth: Peru, 1950–2010". Pinilla, V. and Willebald, H. . Agricultural Development in the World Periphery, Palgrave Macmillan. Link .
  • Martín-Retortillo M., Pinilla V., Velazco J., Willebald H. (2018) "he Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs? Agricultural Development in Latin America in the 20th Century". Pinilla, V. and Willebald, H.. Agricultural Development in the World Periphery, Palgrave Macmillan. Link .
  • Velazco J, Ballester R (2016) "Food Access and Shocks in Rural Households: Evidence from Bangladesh and Ethiopia", Social Indicator Research, 129(2), 527–549. Summary. Link .
  • Butinyà, Lluis; Velazco, Jackeline.; Rigall-I-Torrent, Ricard (2014) "Determinants of on-farm diversification: The case of farmers in Catalonia", Revista Española de Estudios Agrosociales y Pesqueros , 238, 37-64. Link .
  • Velazco, Jackeline and Pinilla, Vicente (2013) "Access to Land and Income Diversification, the Peruvian–Andean Case 1998–2000". Hillbom, E. and Svensson, P. . Agricultural Transformation in a Global History Perspective, Routledge. Link .