Jackeline Velazco Portocarrero

Department of Economics, University of Girona and Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

PhD in Economics, University of Manchester (UK)
personal website

Research Interests

  • Role of agriculture in economic development
  • Rural non farm activities
  • Agricultural household models

Selected Publications

  • Velazco J, Ballester R (2016) "Food Access and Shocks in Rural Households: Evidence from Bangladesh and Ethiopia", Social Indicator Research, 129(2), 527–549. Summary. Link .
  • Butinyà, Lluis; Velazco, Jackeline.; Rigall-I-Torrent, Ricard (2014) "Determinants of on-farm diversification: The case of farmers in Catalonia", Revista Española de Estudios Agrosociales y Pesqueros , 238, 37-64. Link .
  • Velazco, Jackeline and Pinilla, Vicente (2013) "Access to Land and Income Diversification, the Peruvian–Andean Case 1998–2000". Hillbom, E. and Svensson, P. . Agricultural Transformation in a Global History Perspective, Routledge. Link .
  • Fuertes, Patricia and Velazco, Jackeline (2013) "Les ménages au Pérou (1999-2009): Transformations en période d’expansion économique", Problèmes d'Amérique Latine, 88, 25-53. Link .
  • Velazco, Jackeline (2013) "Rebuilding the State in Areas Affected by Political Violence: The Case of Rural Communities in Ayacucho, Peru", Working paper. Link .