María del Mar  Rubio-Varas

Institute for Advanced Research in Business and Economics (Inarbe) and Economics Department; Universida Publica de Navarra (UPNA)
PI of the group

PhD Economic History, London School of Economics
(+34) 94 816 97 06
personal website

Research Interests

  • Energy and economic growth nexus
  • Energy transitions
  • Economic history of nuclear energy

Selected Publications

  • Csereklyei Z, Rubio-Varas M.dM, Stern D.I (2016) "Energy and Economic Growth: The Stylized Facts", The Energy Journal, 37(2), 223-256. Summary. Link .
  • De la Torre J, Rubio-Varas M.dM (2016) "Nuclear Power for a Dictatorship: State and Business involvement in the Spanish Atomic Program 1950-1985", Journal of Contemporary History, 51(2), 385-411. Summary. Link .
  • Rubio M.dM, Tafunell X (2014) "Latin American hydropower: a century of uneven evolution", Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 38, 323-334. Link .
  • Rubio M.dM, Folchi M (2012) "Will small energy consumers be faster in transiton? Evidence from the early shift from coal to oil in Latin America", Energy Policy, 50, 50-61. Link .
  • Gales B, Kander A, Malanima P, Rubio M.d.M (2007) "North vs South: Energy Transition and Energy Intensity in Europe over 200 years", European Review of Economic History, 11(2), 219-253. Link .