Gloria Sanz Lafuente

Department of Economics, Universidad Publica de Navarra

Doctor in History, University of Zaragoza

Research Interests

  • Agrarian history and food safety (contemporary period)
  • Migration history (contemporary)

Selected Publications

  • De la Torre, J., and Sanz-Lafuente, G. (2019) "Demanda fragmentada globalizada y desarrollo regional: Volkswagen Navarra". Rafael Vallejo and Margarita Villar. La industria del automóvil de España e Italia en perspectiva histórica, Publicacions de la Universitat d'Alacant.
  • De la Torre J., Rubio-Varas M.dM. and Sanz Lafuente G. (2018) "Engineers and Scientists as Commercial Agents of the Spanish Nuclear Programme". D. Pretel, L. Camprubí. Technology and Globalisation. Networks of Experts in World History, Palgrave Macmillan. Link .
  • Sanz Lafuente, G. (2017) "The Long Road to the Trillo Nuclear Power Plant: West Germany in the Spanish Nuclear Race". M.d.Mar Rubio-Varas and Joseba De la Torre. The Economic History of Nuclear Energy in Spain, Palgrave. Link .
  • Sanz Lafuente G (2015) "Emigrantes industriosos: los trabajadores españoles y el «milagro económico alemán», 1960-1985", Revista de Historia Industrial, 60, 173-216. Link .
  • Sanz Lafuente G (2013) "Health, local taxation and market competition:municipal Laboratories and State food control in Spain, 1887-1914". Moser P, Varley T (eds.) . Integration through Subordination. The Politics of Agricultural Modernisation in Industrial Europe , Brepols. Link .
  • Sanz Lafuente G (2013) "Defining Good and Bad Products:The Building of Scientific Consensus on the Purity of Cider in Spain from the End of the XIXth Century to the First Decade of the XXth Century". Ceccarelli G, Grandi A, Magagnoli S (eds.). Typicality in History. Tradition, Innovation and Terroir, (European Food Issues L’Europe alimentaire nº 4) , Peter Lang Verlad. Link .