María Teresa Sanchís Llopis

Department of Economic Analysis, University of Valencia

PhD in Economics, University of Valencia
(+34) 96 382 87 94
personal website

Research Interests

  • Spanish and European Economic Growth during the Golden Age
  • Technological Innovation and TFP growth
  • French regions economic development, 1850-2000

Selected Publications

  • Rosés J.R, Sanchis M.T (2016) "A long run perspective on French Regional Income Inequalities, 1860-2010". Wolf N, Rosés J.R (eds.). The Economic Development of Europe’s regions. A quantitative history since 1900, Routledge.
  • Sanchis M.T, Sanchis-Llopis J.A, Esteve V, Cubel A (2015) "Total factor productivity, domestic knowledge accumulation, and international knowledge spillovers in the second half of the twentieth century", Cliometrica, 9(2), 209-233. Summary. Link .
  • Sanchis M.T, Cubel A, Esteve V, Sanchis-Llopis J.A (2012) "Medio siglo de innovación y transferencia de tecnología en España, 1950-2000", Revista de Historia Industrial, 50(3), 113-154. Link .
  • Cubel A, Sanchis M.T (2009) "Investment and Growth in Europe during the Golden Age", European Review of Economic History, 13(2), 219-249. Link .
  • Sanchis M.T (2006) "The spanish economic «miracle»: a disaggregated approach to productivity growth, 1958–1975", Revista de Historia Económica / Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History, 24(2), 383-417. Link .