María Angeles Pons Brias

Department of Economic Analysis, University of Valencia
PI of the group

DPhil in Modern History, University of Oxford and PhD in Economics University of Valencia
(+34) 616 52 17 81

Research Interests

  • Financial, Banking and Monetary History
  • Globalisation

Selected Publications

  • Betrán C and Pons M.A (2017) "Two great banking crises and their economic impact compared: Spain 1976/77 and 2008", Revista de Historia Economica- Journal of Iberian and Latin America Economic History, 2, 241-274.
  • 11. Martín Aceña P, Pons M.A and Betrán M.C (2014) "150 years of financial regulation in Spain. What can we learn?", The Journal of European Economic History, XLIII, 35-82.
  • Martín-Aceña P, Martínez Ruiz E, Pons M.A (2012) "War and Economics: Spanish Civil War Finances Revisited", European Review of Economic History, 16(2), 144-165. Link .
  • Betrán C, Martín-Aceña P, Pons M.A (2012) "Financial Crises in Spain: Lessons from the last 150 years", Revista de Historia Económica / Journal of Iberian and Latin- American Economic History, 30(3), 391-416 . Link .
  • Betrán C, Pons M.A (2011) "Labour market response to globalisation: Spain, 1880–1913", Explorations in Economic History, 48(2), 169-188. Link .
  • Betrán C, Ferri J, Pons M.A (2010) "Explaining UK wage inequality in the Past Globalisation Period, 1880–1913", Cliometrica, 4(1), 19-50. Link .