Elena Martínez Ruiz

Department of Economics, University of Alcalá

PhD Economics, University of Alcalá
(+34) 91 885 42 02

Research Interests

  • Financial and monetary history
  • Trade and commercial policy
  • Spanish economic history

Selected Publications

  • Martín-Aceña P, Martínez Ruiz E, Pons M.A (2012) "War and Economics: Spanish Civil War Finances Revisited", European Economic History Review, 16(2), 144-165. Link .
  • Martín-Aceña P, Martínez Ruiz E, Nogues-Marco P (2011) "Floating against the Tide: Spanish Monetary Policy, 1870-1931". Ögren A, Øksendal L.F (eds.). The Gold Standard Peripheries: Monetary Policy, Adjustment and Flexibility in a Global Setting, Palgrave Macmillan. Link .
  • Martínez Ruiz E (2008) "Autarkic Policy and Efficiency in the Spanish Industrial Sector. An Estimate of Domestic Resource Cost in 1958", Revista de Historia Economica - Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History, 3, 439-470. Link .
  • Martín-Aceña P, Martínez Ruiz E (eds.) (2006) "La economía de la guerra civil", Marcial Pons. Link .