Michael Huberman

Department of History, University of Montreal

PhD Economics, University of Toronto
(+1) 514 343 6111 ext 41439
personal website

Research Interests

  • International economic history
  • International trade
  • Welfare state and labour regulation

Selected Publications

  • Betrán C, Huberman M (2016) "International Competition in the First Wave of Globalization: New Evidence on the Margins of Trade", The Economic History Review, 69(1), 258-287. Summary. Link .
  • Huberman M (2014) "Labor Movements". Neal L, Williamson J.G (eds.). The Cambridge History of Capitalism, Vol.II , Cambridge University Press. Link .
  • Huberman M (2013) "One World of Labor Regulation, Two Worlds of Trade: Examples of Belgium and Brazil", European Review of Economic History, 17(3), 251-271. Link .
  • Huberman M (2012) "Odd Couple: International Trade and Labor Standards in History", Yale University Press.
  • Huberman M (1996) "Escape From the Market: Negotiating Work in Lancashire", Cambridge University Press.