GLOCREd is a research network funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO) composed of eight R+D projects nationally supported. Our principal aim is to promote research and knowledge transfer worldwide on Globalization, Growth, and Inequality since the nineteenth century. It aims at consolidating the academic relationships among those projects, to take advantage from the potential synergies that may arise among them and the positive externalities that may result from those relationships.

The participating groups have a long-standing and high-quality research experience in a wide range of subjects: growth, regional development, international relations, inequality, poverty, technology, energy, finance, and immigration. Likewise, GLOCREd members share a common belief in the relevance of history, economic theory, and statistics.

Through this website you will find out more about GLOCREd: members, publications, and events. We welcome those interested in “Globalization, Growth, and Inequality” and encourage you to follow us @GLOCREd2016 and contact us.